How to Use the *3 Touch Tone Command: Exit the Conference Call

The *(star) 3 touch tone command is a great way to ensure that you're telephone line will be disconnected properly from our system when you have concluded your call and are ready to hang up.

Why is this important? Some phone carriers will continue to keep phone lines connected to the conference call even after you've hung up. This may cause you're phone carrier to tie up your phone line even if you're not using it. It also prevents the Call Detail Report from being released to the host since it cannot be generated until all parties have been disconnected from the conference line.

Instructions on How to Use *3

  • Step 1 At any time during the call, the host or participant can press *3 to exit from the conference
  • Step 2 After pressing *3, the system will ask you to confirm by pressing the 1(one) key

Click here to read about our last blog where we discussed the *2 touch tone command. Keep coming back all month as we explain all nine touch tone commands that are available. To learn more, visit our support page.

Did you know we offer web controls?

Our service comes with a web interface allowing hosts to see all dialed callers, assign custom names, disconnect callers from the conference bridge and much more-all with a click of your mouse. To sign up for free, please visit

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