How to Share your Recorded Conference Calls

Recording your conference is simple to do and easy to share. Even better, it's all FREE. Here are some of the ways you can share your recording :

  1. Listen to your Recorded Conference from the Phone - all accounts come with a Playback Number. Simply dial the playback number, enter the access code and then enter the reference number for the specific conference recording you wish to listen to.
  2. MP3/WAV Download - To listen to your recorded conference on your computer, log into your account and locate the recordings tab. From there, click on the file option (MP3 or WAV) found in the Download column.
  3. Listen Online - You can also listen to your recording online from the Recordings Tab. Simply click on the file found in the Playback column and your recording will begin to play.
  4. Podcast/RSS Feed - If you have iTunes or an RSS client, you can listen to your recording from there. You simply copy one of the links found in the Podcast/RSS tab and insert it into your client (depending on which client you use). When you have a new recording available, your client will notify you.

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