How to Record your International Conference Calls

Using the * (star) 9 touch tone command to record your International Conference Call is easy to do and allows others who couldn't join the scheduled call to access it at another time.

Instructions on How to Use *9

  • Step 1 Dial into your FreeConferenceCall International conference number and input the host access code.
  • Step 2 Press *9 at anytime during the call and the automated system will play, this conference call is now being recorded to all callers on the line.
  • Step 3 To stop and save the recording at the completion of the call, press the *9 touch tone command once again.

After the call has been recorded, the host can access it through any of the following ways:

  1. Playback number
  2. Podcast/RSS feed
  3. MP3/WAV Download
  4. Listen online

Check back later this month to learn more about FreeConferenceCall International and visit our support page to see everything it has to offer.

Did you know we offer different playback numbers for each country in you account?

Callers can access the recording by dialing into any of the playback numbers offered by our international service. If you're located in the US, had a conference call with someone from France and Germany but your partner in Switzerland couldn't join the call, simply provide your partner with the Swiss playback number for easy access. Login to your account to see a complete list of dial-in and playback numbers available.

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