How to Prepare for Snowmageddon 2015

If you’re one of the 58 million people in the Northeast bracing for the historic winter storm of 2015, make sure you’re prepared with these tips from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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  • Food
    • It’s recommended to have at least three days’ worth of non-perishable food such as Pop-Tarts, Cheeze-It, pop-open Chef Boyardee and Oreos. Or, for the health conscious people out there, you could learn from fellow Twitters who recommend nutrient-dense food such as nuts, dried fruit, canned meat and juices.

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  • Communication
    • With the possibility of impaired cell phone towers, you’re better off communicating via Internet. For some of us, this blizzard may serve as a restful day of vacation but for most of us, life must go on. Stay ahead of your workweek while staying safely inside by screen sharing online!
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  • Water
    • Have enough water for your hot cocoa with minimum one gallon per person per day. Get it while you can!

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