How to Playback Recorded Conferences Online

Creating a URL link for your recorded conference calls is quick and easy with This feature is great for sharing conference calls with those that missed it, would like to listen to it again or for simple recap. This URL link can be sent out via email, posted on your website, blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Follow the instructions below to create a URL link for your latest recorded conference call. First, login to your account and click the History & Recordings tab. Next, click the icon in the 'Shared' column that is associated with the recording you wish to share and fill out the form (see screen shot below).

  1. URL Expiration Date - Select the expiration date for the URL
  2. Display Custom Caller Names - Select yes or no to display custom names and caller ID
  3. Allow Download - Select whether or not listeners can download the recorded conference file
  4. Description - Create a title for the recording

Once you have filled in the above information, click 'Generate URL', copy the URL and share it! The screen shot below shows how online playback looks after the URL link is clicked:

  1. Playback Expiration Date - displays the date the URL will no longer be available for playback
  2. Participants - lists all the participants that were on the conference call.
  3. Speaker History - displays when a participant was speaking during the recording. Each speaker will receive a different color to identify them in the conference player.
  4. Conference Player - allows listener to view who was speaking at any given moment, as well as, stop, pause, resume and manage volume of the recording.
  5. Active Speakers - displays active speakers at the moment the recording is playing.

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