How to Configure Extension Types with

Each SimpleVoiceCenter account provides the option to configure extensions after a caller has listened to one of your VoiceBox recordings/greetings. The three (3) different extension types are:

  1. Playback Only - The caller can only listen to that VoiceBox's greeting. Once the recording is done playing, the message will repeat.
  2. Playback and Record - The caller can listen to that VoiceBox's greeting and leave a recorded message. This feature works like a traditional voice mail system.
  3. Dial Out - After the caller has listened to that VoiceBox's greeting, the system will then forward them to a cellphone or land line number of your choosing.

To configure your extensions using a telephone, follow the instructions below:

  1. Dial into your VoiceCenter number in administrative mode (follow access code with a star (*) key and then enter the numeric password when prompted)
  2. Enter the extension number you wish to manage
  3. To change your extension type, press 1
  4. Select the extension type from the options available

To configure your extensions from your account online, login, click the VoiceBoxes tab and click 'View' for the VoiceBox you wish to change. Next, select the extension type from the drop down menu provided. When complete, press 'Submit'.

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