How to Computer Share On A Mac or PC

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Sharing your computer screen is very easy to do, especially when using Our platform gives users one-click access to sharing your screen with participants, no matter if you’re on a Mac or PC.

What’s even better, we give you complementary tools that enhance your experience, whether you’re a presenter or an observer. With features like drawing tools, HD audio and video, and conference recording available across all laptops and devices, we’re more than confident you’ll want to go back to again and again for all your business collaboration needs.

Here’s how you can share your computer screen on a Mac or PC with

  1. Sign into your account using the desktop or mobile app
  2. Dial-in to your call or connect via the web.
  3. Once engaged with your participants, click or tap the button dedicated to screen sharing
  4. Select which parts of your screen you’ll want to show to your audience

Live Computer Screen Sharing with Mac and PC

While sharing your screen, participants can see exactly what you’ve allowed them to view.

Restrict the participants view and show only a portion of your screen or give full access so attendees can see everything, from your start-up icons to your wonderful wallpaper of golden retriever puppies.

Drawing tools give hosts more ways to interact with their audience. With the ability to white board, presenters have better methods of delivering a clear, concise message. Circle an entire area to bring attention to a section of the screen or add arrows to guide participants when following your presentation, drawing tools make it easier for you and your viewers.

Why should you share your computer screen with participants?

In many cases, having just a video and audio feed isn’t enough to convey all the information accurately. Having live computer screen sharing tools gives presenters greater communication channels to present their most valuable information.

If you’re a webinar host presenting his or her course or a sales representative making a first-time pitch, you want to make sure your audience understands you clearly. Screen sharing allows audience members to follow along with your presentation easily.

Remote Desktop Sharing

If you work from home or away from your colleagues, remote desktop sharing can break down boundaries and make it easier to collaborate.

Remote desktop sharing allows users to control a computer that’s a far distance away. This is especially useful when troubleshooting or offering training.

Not only will this help you save money on travel costs, it streamlines technical issues and speeds production processes. It also makes it much easier for newer employees to partner with veteran to bring them up to speed.

File Sharing with when Screen Sharing

During your screen-sharing session, you may want to offer more materials for your participants. With, you can share files right from our platform.

Before and after your conference, participants are directed to the host’s meeting wall. Here, hosts can upload documents that participants can download.

More Ways to Interact Your Audience

It’s often not enough just to have screen sharing and conferencing tools if you don’t give participants a way to offer feedback. An integrated chatroom allows viewers to ask questions or make comments during your presentation. This allows attendees to have greater participation and to actively create a dialogue between the presenters and the viewers.

Want to save the presentation for later? Record your screen sharing session so you can present it at different times. Our recording tools give you more flexibility with your content. Now, there’s no need to present the same information again. With, we give you everything you need to share your screen, record and deliver a successful presentation.

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