How to Ace a Video Conference Interview (Part 2)

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Thanks to Facetime and Facebook, many of us are video conferencing savvy. It’s become a familiar aspect of our personal lives. Yet when it comes to using similar tech for virtual interviews, we have to shift into a new gear. 

To smooth the transition, we’ve pulled together the best tips for a video conference interview. The first part of this series laid out the preparation for a virtual interview. Now, it’s time to build on what we’ve learned. Below are 3Cs to keep in mind: communication, connection and confidence.

Let’s Get Physical

Words actually account for only seven percent of total communication. The rest is non-verbal, which means your body will be communicating whether you intend it to or not. And according to Monster, interviewers form an impression of interviewees in roughly six minutes and 25 seconds. So be purposeful with your 93 percent. It counts.

To get your body saying the right things, nod your head, smile genuinely, maintain eye contact (that means look at the camera, not your own video in the little square), sit up, lean forward and gesture openly. Just don’t get carried away. Excessive nodding looks forced. A plastered-on smile or eye contact lasting longer than 5 seconds can seem creepy. Keep calm, stay fluid, take deep breaths. And resist the urge to fuss with your hair, face or clothes.

Connection Is Everything

Ready for the real video conference interview etiquette? First, get everybody’s name. Then use their names because it makes people feel good. Second, follow the advice of Forbes contributor Cheryl Conner: Speak with your interviewers, not at them. No doubt the prepared song and dance is spectacular, but this is a structured conversation. In other words, slow down and listen. Be present. A canned response is obvious, off-putting and isn’t guaranteed to actually answer the interviewer’s question. Sure, thinking on your feet is more stressful, but it’s ok to take a moment and pause before responding. Interviewers are looking for smart candidates, not psychic ones.

Answer with Confidence

Worried about a mysterious brand of video conference interview questions? Sorry to disappoint, but video conference interviews are still interviews, and all those favorite questions still apply. So pat yourself on the back for the pre-interview prep work because it’s about to come in handy.

Michael Jacob of advises integrating professional growth into every answer. If you’ve been dreading the “What’s your greatest weakness” question, for example, keep in mind that employers want positive learners who will grow in the position. So whatever you choose as the first part of your response (i.e., time management, difficulty saying no), follow it up by demonstrating your ability to learn and improve.

Feel like the load has lightened just a bit? That’s the spirit. You’re going to do great. If you’re interested in practicing some of your responses, has an easy-to-use Studio Recording feature. Our Customer Care team is standing by, 24/7, to walk you through the process.

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