Holidays Come Once a Year, Let us Ring you Near

Do you have family and friends or even colleagues living overseas?  Don't let distance keep you apart for the holidays.  With our innovative free conferencing service, you can talk to them in all of our covered countries!  For example, say you have a sister in Germany, a brother in France and your in-laws in Spain-with FreeConferenceCall International, you can talk to them all on the same call and everyone dials a local number in their country! is now available in the following 16 countries:

Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States, with More Coming Soon*

Hosting an international conference call is simple to do. Follow these easy steps to connect with your family, friends and colleagues:

  1. Sign up with your name and email
  2. Notify every one of the date and time for your call
  3. Provide their country dial-in number and the participant access code - remember, callers can dial any of the 16 dial-in numbers to join the call
  4. At the scheduled time of the call, everyone dials in

*Don't see your country on the list? Let us know!  Please email to with subject line "Requesting New Country"

This Thursday, we'll discuss how to use to share pictures, news and other announcements with your family around the world - all absolutely FREE.

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