Get Smart About Conferencing Bills: 14 “Little” Fees That Really Add Up

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By Bob Wise, President,

From its innovative (and humble) beginnings back in 2001, has surged to become the fifth largest conferencing provider globally by minute volume. That level of growth wasn’t achieved by passing off costs to customers, but rather by providing high-quality solutions that are responsive, flexible and cost-effective—paired with a service that’s completely transparent.

When I joined as its president, the company had already built a strong base of trust with more than 5 million users, 800,000 businesses and users from nearly every Fortune 500 company. With that in place, one of my first moves was to evaluate how to best leverage our secure platform and services. We created For Business™ with solutions designed for larger enterprises that offer managed services, co-branding opportunities and most importantly, a huge cost savings.

As it turns out, saving businesses on their conferencing spend was remarkably straightforward. Need proof? Get your business conferencing invoices and prepare yourself for a shock. That sky-high number probably includes costly toll-free dial-in access plus more extra service fees than you can count on two hands. Don’t you think it’s time to re-evaluate your conferencing spend and start getting smarter about what you pay to collaborate?

Stop Paying Unnecessary, Additional Fees

Now take a moment to examine the fine print on your conferencing bill. International video conferencing solutions could save you time and money.

Somewhere among all the line items for actual usage, you’ll probably find charges for any number of things, including:

  • Conference minimums (both number of participants and call duration)
  • Summary reports
  • International access
  • Professional services
  • End-user support
  • Admin portals
  • Licensing fees for features that aren’t used
  • Recording line and set-up
  • Archive playback
  • File storage
  • Telecom surcharges
  • Mailed or paper invoices
  • Bridging fees
  • Service charges

A fixed monthly cost is much more practical and cost-effective. That is what drives our mission at For Business. We are disrupting the enterprise conferencing market by offering audio conferencing with online meetings, including screen sharing and video conferencing for up to 1,000 participants per account, plus managed services, customizations, unified billing and analytics — all for a low, fixed monthly cost. We’ve always stayed true to our mission: collaborative communication should be affordable and efficient. We earn our customers’ trust and loyalty by not charging for any of those extra fees.

Critical Features and Lower Costs: You Can Have It All

Are you ok with wasting money on all of these extras that, in many cases, don’t bring value to your users, but pad the wallet of your provider? What new IT projects could you fund if you were able to shift thousands of dollars from your current conferencing expense? After more than 20 years, conferencing technology has evolved to the point that businesses no longer have to choose between critical features and lower costs.

In a recent Wainhouse Research study, 51 percent of IT decision makers affirmed they would consider moving to a new service if the cost were 50 percent less than their current provider; 48 percent said “Maybe” but the new service would need to be equal to or better than the current service. We understand that collaborative communication has to deliver on quality and efficiency and are providing just that with an innovative pricing model that will save you more than 50 percent.

Ready to say good-bye to the status quo? Download this free white paper to learn how companies are drastically reducing their conferencing costs without sacrificing quality or features. Then talk to us today about how we can help you. Contact our team at or 844-800-4000.

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