Get Ready for a Whole Lotta Awesome: Launches Free Video Recording Software

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Tomorrow, March 10, is a really big day. It’s International Day of Awesome.

Ok. So this might be the most apropos holiday for, ever. You doubt? Let me explain, with numbering, bolding and bulleting.

  1. is international. Super international. More specifically, we have users in every country and local dial-in numbers in over 60 countries. So, check that box off the International Day of Awesome checklist.
  2. is awesome. And for so many reasons. Here are a few:
    • It’s free. Not the “free-for-the-free-trial” or “free-for-the-first-month” kind of free. We’re talking the free in doesn’t run out and doesn’t expire.
    • It’s practically unlimited in uses. That means no matter your role — educator, taxi driver, salesperson, yoga instructor, speaker of truth to power — this is a phenomenal collaborative tool.
    • It’s practically unlimited in usage. Conference for six hours straight if you want. That’s a nearly impractical amount of time. Have up to 1,000 participants connect with audio, video and screen sharing. That’s an intense number of participants. Connect with a phone call or via VoIP. Plus it works on any device — desktop, iOS or Android. That’s a whole lotta options.
  3. Finally, just keeps getting better. And we can prove it. Here’s the pudding: Now, you can record your primary video feed (in other words, the active speaker) on top of the capability to record screen sharing and audio. Yeah, it’s pretty exciting.

To give it a try, sign up for an account if you haven’t already. Then launch the desktop app and host a conference. Click Start video then Record. To stop recording, click Record again. When you end the meeting, a link to your recording will appear in the pop-up. And that’s it!

So. Are you convinced that has International Day of Awesome in the bag? Us, too.

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