's Online Web Controls

One of the many benefits offered with is the ability to control the conference call using online web-based controls. To utilize this feature, sign up or login to your account. Once logged in, you will be directed to the 'Conference View' interface where you will have access to an array of tools, which include:

  • Live Conference - Click this to the 'on' position to connect to the conference line and enable the rest of the web-based commands. Once turned on, the Recording, Hold, Lock and Mute commands will display allowing you to control the entire conference by clicking on or off on each command.

  • Participant List - This section of the Conference View interface displays participants (role column) that are on the audio line, screen sharing session or logged to the interface (if granted access). In addition, participants can be assigned names, individually muted, placed on hold or dropped from the conference call.

  • Active Speakers - This section of the Conference View interface displays the current active speaker. From this section, participants may be placed on mute or hold.

  • Q&A Queue - This section of the Conference View interface displays callers that have requested to ask a question (*6) when the conference is in Q&A mode.  The additional controls allow you to manage the session by un-muting questioners, selecting the next questioner in line, clearing the queue and turning Q&A mode off.

These are just a few of the web-based features available with Check back Tuesday, where we'll cover Conference Preferences!

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