FreeConferencing Application for iPhone and Android

The FreeConferencing Application allows you to sign up, login and manage your conference call right from your iPhone or Android screen!

Features Include:

  • Free Application Download
  • Free Account Activation
  • Reservationless- available 24/7
  • Up to 1,000 callers on each conference
  • Unlimited Account and Conference Access!

Freeconferencing App allows you to Moderate Conference calls from your phone.  You can mute individual callers, put callers on hold and type in the name of your callers on the line.

Activate the recording feature by sliding the record button to ON.

The active speaker feature notifies you as the host when an individual is speaking.

The Q&A mode is used to notify you as the host that a participant has a question. The queue allows you to engage the individual so that they can ask a question.

Preset your preferences before your conference call begins.

Preferences allow you to set your conference features like entry and exit tones to be on or off when a participant joins the conference call. It allows you to disconnect callers if the host is not present, and the caller count feature can be turned on or off.

Need Help? FreeConferencing application provides you with a list of step by step instructions!

All features available for the iPhone are also available for the Android!

Every account created using the iPhone or Android app can access their account online at where the user may control conferences using a flash interface.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact our customer service department at or call 877-482-5838 (562-437-1411 if calling outside the US).

Have a great weekend!  Come back on Tuesday of next week, we'll be covering our FreeConferenceCall Dialer app in detail.

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