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For today’s post we decided to answer the top 3 most frequently asked questions we receive about our FreeConferenceCall service.  According to our customer service representatives, the top 3 questions they answer are as follows;

1. Can I use the same conference number and access code?

Answer: Yes. Once you have registered for an account it is yours indefinite, and you may use the account as many times as you like.  Even if the account is not used often, it will always be available and only belongs to you.

2. I have lost my account information, what can I do?

Answer: If you lose your account information all you have to do is call our representatives or send a quick email requesting account information.   We will reprocess you registration email.  The email will be sent only to the email address we have on file for the account.  You may also use the ‘Forgot or Don’t Know Your Subscriber Pin?’ option from the Login page on our website.

3. What are the costs associated with my conference number?

Answer: Your FreeConferenceCall account is completely free!  The dial-in number provided is a U.S. toll number.  This means that only long distance charges by each caller’s phone carrier may apply.

FreeConferenceCall customer satisfaction is our priority, which is why we provide you with support 24/7.  Any time you have questions we will be here to assist you!

Please contact our customer service representatives by phone at (877) 482-5838 (562-437-1411 if calling outside the US) or email to

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