Update – January 22nd, 2020

We have been blown away by the support from the community.

More than 245,000 emails were sent to the FCC and Congress, and almost 2,000 people have tweeted out to #SaveFreeConferenceCall.

The impact of this outreach has been profound. Most carriers, with the exception of AT&T, are complying with FCC rules to complete calls to We would like to thank all of you, and to thank these carriers too. It says something about each of them that they heard their customers were displeased and they all jumped in to help fix the problem. AT&T on the other hand has not shown that willingness. We largely have found ways to work around the issue so that these calls will still connect. It has put a burden on us, but you’ve been there for us, the least we can do is work tirelessly to ensure the tools and service you care about are always there and available for you.

We cannot say this enough, thank you. Your passion and love of the community is what drives us.

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