Favorite Feature Friday: Free International Conferencing Favorite Feature Friday: Free International Conferencing

Friday’s are already the best day of the work week, right? So, we thought we’d add on to the glory that is TGIF and start a blog series with our favorite features.

As of late, the most asked question via our social channels is, ‘How does free international conferencing work?’ We are glad you asked. It is one of the best features we offer and still one of our lesser known capabilities.

Once you log in to your account, you will be directed to your Account Information box upon login.

Account Information

Here you will see your dial-in number, access code, online meeting ID, host pin, international numbers and playback number. Please note: these numbers are specific to you and only you. Ok, now back to our regular scheduled programming. Let’s say, you are living in the United States and are getting ready to take off for a week long, summer vacation in Italy but there is a work call that you can’t miss while you are away. No need to worry about the logistics because we’ve got you covered.

Simply, click the View List on the right-hand side of the Account Information box and all 75+ countries, that we offer free international dial-in numbers too, will pop up.

International dial-in numbers

Scroll down to the Italian flag and next to the country name, you will see the dial-in number (for privacy reasons, I covered each of my dial-in numbers). The number next to Italy is the number you will use while on vacation (+ access code) and your meeting attendees in the United States will use your U.S. based number and access code.

Once each individual is dialed in, the entire group will be connected to the same bridge for free.

Free really is a beautiful thing! Tune in next week for another Favorite Feature Friday.

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