The Extreme Weather Workaround

Hurricane season sign against stormy backgroundSeriously, folks. In 2016, the U.S. has seen record snowstorms, floods, heat domes, droughts and firestorms. Now, hurricane season is upon us. And as Ari Sarsalari of Weather Channel asserts, Hurricane Matthew is no joke. At, our thoughts are with all the residents and first responders dealing with this situation throughout the Southeast.

As extreme weather starts to feel like the new normal, it’s critical that we have strategies to stay safe and connected. Maybe it’s time to check in with family members on a weekly conference call. Or perhaps you're ready to consider working remotely. Whether you need to opt out of dangerous road conditions or keep a little one out of the heat, will keep you in touch — on your desktop, device, mobile or landline.

Please be careful out there! If you have any questions, contact Customer Care 24/7 at 844-844-1322.

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