The Press Roundup: August 2017

Standing at a podium with a microphone facing the camera, looking out at the audienceWelcome to the August 2017 Press Roundup! With such a diverse user set, you never know where is going to make an appearance. Let’s check it out.

1. G2 Crowd gets highest rating for Smoothest Implementation and Web Conferencing Software with the Best ROI.

2. Goodman Lantern was listed as one of 15 Free Online Tools For Marketing And Sales Professionals.

3. Best CSS Awards

The Android App was App of the Day for providing quick and easy access to the best collaboration tools within seconds.

4. Tech for Good's network was described as “pioneering”.


In 16 Lessons From Over $175,000,000 in Multifamily Syndications author Joe Fairless explains that “There is major power in doing a recorded conference call when raising money”.

6. Goodman Lantern

In 10 Tools to Make You Look Bigger and a Global Brand, is listed as a tool to give small businesses legitimacy.

7. Communique PR

Can You Hear Me Now? 7 Best Practices for Phone Interviews explains that a account is a must-have for phone interviews.

8. Geekers Magazine was listed as one of the Top 14 Best Free Online Conference Call Services. also had mentions on Spring Insight. DocPHY and One News Page. And that’s it for August! We’ll check in at the end of September with the next press roundup.

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