For Business™ Disrupts the Enterprise Market with Low-Cost Managed Services

Amidst the buzz of activity last week at Enterprise Connect, Bob Wise, President of, sat down with Doug Green, publisher of Telecom Reseller for a podcast to discuss the company’s solutions for enterprise customers.

Wise talks about the expansion of services into the business market. As he explains, the company has always offered high-quality audio conferencing and online meetings to end users. Now it is working directly with enterprise IT departments to provide those same conferencing services with added features to provide more control over the conferencing experience.

Green asks a question on many people’s minds: How do you sell a free service? The answer reveals the very nature of this disruptive pricing model. Wise explains, “On the For Business side, we’re still staying true to the free conferencing business model. What we’re doing is selling that as a managed service. We’ll go to an enterprise and sell managed services with a bundled number of minutes for a certain price. Typically what it ends up doing is bringing down their charges over 50 percent — usually closer to 75 percent.”

To learn more about these services and disruptive pricing model, listen to the entire podcast or visit the For Business website.

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