Free to Conference: Project #Incallnito is All About Customization!

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As the largest provider of free conference calls around the globe, is excited to expand it's services. Keeping you in mind, FreeConferenceCall customers can expect to soon gain more control over their conference calls. You will have the freedom to conference as you choose!

The core services that offers will not be changed, but soon you will be able to customize much of your conferencing experience. By adding new features, FreeConferenceCall ensures a more enjoyable way to connect. As always, you will be free to conference when you wish, whenever you wish. You will just have more freedom to choose how you would like to go about your conferences!

Some of the new features are still a secret, but we are confident  you are going to love them! What we can say, however, is there will be many tools available that were designed to enhance your conferencing experience. Taking advantage of just some of these new features will not only make conferencing more enjoyable, but can even save you major bucks on business travel.

Through Project #Incallnito, FreeConferenceCall has been lending hints about some more of the new premium offerings FreeConferenceCall will be announcing. Our teams are working hard on the upcoming reveal, you don’t want to miss it! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest FreeConferenceCall and Project #Incallnito  news.

Free to conference. Free to connect!

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