4 Reasons You Should Record Meetings

Ever finish a meeting only to forget the key points that were presented moments after?

When you record meetings, you save your company a lot of hassle. Recorded meetings can preserve your company’s resources, keep your team informed and protect employees from HR-related issues.

Here are four reasons you should record meetings with each online conference you host:

1. Save Your Company Resources

When employees take time from their day to train new hires, it can slow down your company’s production.

Recorded meetings can act in lieu of many training sessions, giving new hires the right information they need to make their onboarding process a breeze.

For example, you can use a recorded meeting that details orientation information as well as their employee responsibilities for welcoming new hires without disrupting your other team members’ workflow.

2. Forward Recorded Meeting to Those That Missed It

Employees can get sick or have other obligations that prevent them for attending every meeting. With recorded meetings, no employee is ever left out.

Recorded meetings let you save your conferences and send just the audio or the audio and video through an email or file-sharing service.

3. Send the Follow-Up Recording

There’s a lot you can miss when hearing new information for the first time. With access to recorded meetings, employees can learn new information at their own pace.

Recorded meetings make it easier to keep all members of your team on the same page and maintain your productive momentum.

Along with any additional details like documents or images, send over a recording of your meeting so your team has access to key information about your projects.

4. Protect Your Employees from Misconduct

No one wants a situation where another employee gets hurt. Recording your meetings holds each employee accountable for their actions, decreasing the likelihood that your employees right will be violated.

With recorded meetings, you’ll know each meeting has followed a productive agenda and promotes collaboration.

How to Record a Conference Call

During your conference on FreeConferenceCall.com, press the Record Meeting button to start the recording. If you’re operating your conference from a call, you can press *9 to begin recording.

To stop, press the Record Meeting button one more time. Likewise, if you’re operating the conference from a call, press *9 to stop and save the recording.

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