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Are you a direct seller who manages a sales team? Then you understand how difficult it can be to get an entire team on the same page, let alone the same location. Tired of calling one by one to touch base? FreeConferenceCall is the perfect solution!

A woman buying something online with her credit cardYou already know we offer a great variety of communication services, the next step is learning how to apply them to your needs. In any direct selling industry you need to constantly remain informed and spread the news to your team. This is where we come in with SimpleVoiceBox! An easy-to-use and free voice-mail service where your team can call in to listen to the week’s agenda. Sales members can make it a routine and call for weekly updates.

In addition, you can teach your team how to use and personalize their own website-all with just your phone and computer. For this you may use StartMeeting. The screen sharing option will allow you to conduct online conferences using your computer, however, if all you need is to host an audio conference call, that option is available as well.   Instead of having to call each member individually and having to speak to them about the same topics repetitively, simply conference with everyone. An advantage to a live conference with everyone is having the capability to record the conversation. You can later email a copy of the call to anyone who was unable to attend.

You may also use StartMeeting Studio (free feature included in every StartMeeting account), where you pre-record through a computer without ever having to schedule a call with everyone!

The communication options with FreeConferenceCall are endless! We've got something that will meet your needs. Visit our services page to learn more or contact us 877-482-5838 or (562) 437-1411 if calling outside the U.S.!

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