Did You Know? 24/7 Online Account Access

FreeConferenceCall International accounts come with additional features that can be accessed online at anytime. These FREE features can help you get the most out of you free conference calls.

Online Features Include:

  • Account Information - Conveniently change your account information in one location including: name, email, password, and time zone. You can also add additional email addresses that will receive call detail reports
  • Recording - Download and listen to all of your archived recorded conference calls. Recorded files can be saved in a .wav or .mp3 format
  • Podcast/RSS - If you have iTunes or an RSS client, you and your participants can listen to the recorded conference calls from there. From the PodCast/RSS tab, simply copy the correct link and insert it into your client
  • Invitations - Use our invitation feature to notify your participants of a conference call. Simply fill in the date, time and email addresses of participants and we'll provide the call details
  • Instructions-view a complete list of touch tone commands to use during your conference calls

For more information visit our features page. For questions, comments and suggestions please email blog@freeconferencecall.com or call our customer services number at 877.482.5838 (+1.562.437.1411 international)

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Account Information How to update access code in account info page

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