Create Your Ideal Call Mood with Custom Hold Music

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Quick; think about your all-time favorite song. Hearing it? What intense emotional event in your life does it remind you of? Research published in the Psychology of Music indicates your musical preferences can tell someone a lot about you – from your politics to your age and even how you were raised. So it’s no surprise to learn that music can also be used to create certain moods, focus attention or even increase sales.

If you’re not choosing custom hold music for your conference calls, you’re missing a great opportunity to set the environment on your calls and even manage the outcome. enables users to customize hold music along with a photo and personal Meeting Wall.

Looking to make a sale? Take some advice from your friends in retail and choose a slow, classical tune. When a restaurant played different kinds of music for 18 nights it found, "the playing of background classical music led to (a) people reporting that they were prepared to spend more and (b) higher actual spending.”

Trying to create a motivational atmosphere for your next team meeting? Studies show faster paced music increases morale and productivity.

Simply want to calm a group of people after a long work week? The song “Weightless” by Marconi Union recently won the title of The Most Relaxing Song Ever Recorded. (But be careful, the study indicates listening to this song while driving could be dangerous.)

Ready to create your own mood mixes to optimize the results of your conference calls? Try it today!

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