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David Erickson, founder and CEO, is getting buzz! His recent video interview with Business Rockstars was shared with partner Entrepreneur. In the video, Erickson talks about making plans, catching the entrepreneurial spirit, the role of procrastination and where he gets his best ideas.

The Best Laid Plans Change

Entrepreneur writes, “He also explains his one major problem with plans — once you make them, you need to follow them. But often, in life, new circumstances or information make evolution necessary. When that time comes, as an entrepreneur, are you willing to change and adapt, or will you stick stubbornly to the old plan you made?” Read More...

The Freedom to Do You: 5 Meeting App Benefits

Young happy man using meeting app on mobile phone at beach

Looking for the best meeting app out there? meeting apps give you the most bang for your buck. Of course, our apps are free, so you can keep that buck in your pocket where it belongs. But being free doesn’t stop us from delivering an award-winning, best-in-class service, with all the functionality of paid platforms — and sometimes more.

  1. Your meeting room goes wherever you do, whether that’s to your comfy sofa, the good old office cubicle, or a secluded Hawaiian beach (should you be so fortunate).
  2. You can meet how you want. Having a quick video chat is a great way to meet virtually, except when it isn’t. That’s when it’s really nice to have options. With, you get the functionality of a video call app, a conference call app and a screen sharing app — all in one. Take your pick. But you’ll be ready to go, camera-ready or not.
  3. And let’s head back to the beach for a moment, even if just in our imaginations. Say you have a meeting to remotely attend in the midst of all that luscious sun and surf. Even without internet access, mobile apps support hosting or joining a conference using your phone line.
  4. You can make life simpler. Our iOS and Android apps let you do it all — from scheduling to managing your meeting. If you’re most comfortable working from a laptop or desktop computer, download our desktop application.
  5. You can connect with other productivity and team collaboration tools. No app is an island, as someone once said. offers Outlook® and Google Calendar™ extensions and integrations for Slack, Evernote and Dropbox users.

Top Tips for Working From Home With Kids

Mom working from home with kids

Being a work-from-home parent might sound like a dream — but could easily feel more like a nightmare scenario. And strategies for working from home with kids have to evolve just as quickly as those kids grow. And they grow fast, as we all know. Today, you might be awesome at typing away while that sweet little newborn sleeps on your chest. Oh, enjoy it. Because tomorrow, you’ll be explaining to a toddler why you can’t play right now. And so on.

Parenting is always a balancing act. So here’s the question: How can the work-at-home parent make that act one they feel good about? Because no one wants to be in the wrenching position of being torn between two worlds, unable to give your full attention where it’s needed. Read More...

Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful. Work From Home With

Young woman working from home with coffee, blanket and tablet

It’s January. The bulk of the country has some long months of cold ahead, and with no twinkly holiday lights to soften the effect.

At, we don’t blame you for wanting to stay under that cozy comforter instead of getting ready for work. We don’t judge if you want to wear pajamas all day — even if those pajamas have feet, and you’re a grown adult. (Ok, we might a judge a little.) And we certainly don’t mind if you decide to forego the office for the snuggly fabulousness of your couch. Read More...

The 2017 Year in Review: Going Borderless at

A 2017 infographic of company highlights

This past year at, we have focused on evolving our brand so it more representative of how our customers use our services — and innovating based on newly-available technologies. It’s all about setting the stage for future success. To kick things off, we refreshed our mission statement to inspire our team and our users. We provide “a borderless platform that bridges countries and collaborators, creating a space where we can freely connect, share and innovate — without cost and without limits.”

Borderless Communication Tools

We’re continuing to establish ourselves as a global leader in audio and video conferencing with our trusted network. To remain best-in-class in 2017, we launched: Read More...

Ask the Expert: How to Boost Sales Using

Yvette King at

By Cristina Varela

You might not know her name. But if you’ve gone to a Mary Kay show recently, you’d definitely recognize her face. Yvette King is our trade show manager at, and she’s been at every Mary Kay Seminar and Mary Kay Leadership show for the past five years. Since Yvette won’t be able to make it to Atlanta in January (see photo for explanation), I thought we should at least benefit from her wisdom. So I sat down with our resident expert to learn more about our Mary Kay customers and how they can boost sales and better support their businesses using our service. Read More...