Business Rockstars Interviews Founder and CEO

Hey folks! Just a quick FYI from In case you haven’t heard, Business Rockstars© is the largest producer of audio and video content for the business savvy, featuring rockstar CEOs, startups and entrepreneurs. Now this cutting-edge company has narrowed its award-winning lens to focus on our very own CEO, David Erickson.

In an interview for the business ages, Dave sits down with Pat O’Brien of Hollywood Insider to explain his rise from tiny startup to virtual meeting stardom. From finding great employees to favorite superheros to "vacuuming the corners", don’t miss the inside scoop on It's a unique story of differentiation, viral growth and worldwide domination. We might be exaggerating about the worldwide domination. But only by a little.

Ready to hear this game-changer’s secrets to success? Check out Dave’s interview here.

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