Billing Options with TollFreeConferenceCall

Earlier this month we shared with you how TollFreeConferenceCall differs from its free counterpart, One difference being that TollFreeConferenceCall allows the host to pay for the cost of all participants dialing into the conference line at a rate of $0.06 per minute per person. Hosts have the ability to pay using a credit card or by check.

At the end of each toll free conference call, our system will create and email a Call Detail Report (CDR) that lists all the conference call participants and the total minutes used during the conference call. Payment can be made either of the following ways:

  1. Immediately following each conference call, the credit card on file will be charged
  2. Hosts also have the option to defer payment until the end of the month. This is particularly useful for customers who plan to conference call multiple times monthly and would prefer to pay for all conference calls at once rather than individually (Customer who pay by check are only provided with this payment plan)

To view your billing history or to update your credit card, login at at any time. For more information, contact our dedicated sales team. They are standing by to answer your questions and help with all your Toll-Free conferencing needs. Call 877.482.5838 Extension 3 to get started today!

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