Archive your Conference Recording with SimpleVoiceCenter is a great way to save all your conference recordings in one, easy to access, location. It's a complete voice messaging system with an unlimited number of voicemail boxes each with their own greeting and message taking capability all tied to a single account. The main voicemail greeting box is used to introduce the customer to the voice messaging system by informing them on how they can find and listen to the recording or messages in your voice center account. Follow these instructions on how to upload a recording to your SimpleVoiceCenter.

  1. Record and save your conference call as a .Wav or .MP3 File
  2. Login to your SimpleVoiceCenter account
  3. Click on the VoiceBoxes tab, locate and click on the add VoiceBox button on the bottom of the page. Follow the prompts
  4. Click on the messages tab and click on 'View' next to the newly created VoiceBox extension
  5. Click 'Add Greeting' and browse for the file to upload the file to the VoiceBox extension

Using SimpleVoiceCenter to store your recordings makes it easy for your callers to access

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