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FreeConferenceCall.com is the largest privately-owned conferencing and collaboration company in the world, boasting more than 800,000 business customers, worldwide, including users from nearly all Fortune 500 companies. Service offerings in more than 70 countries with unlimited use include: high quality free HD audio conferencing, web conferencing and screen sharing, audio and visual recordings, customized greetings, security features, desktop scheduling and mobile applications – all supported by 24/7 customer support.

Through FreeConferenceCall.com For Business, mid-market and enterprise customers can now take advantage of all of FreeConferenceCall.com conferencing and collaboration services in addition to an enterprise account management team, enterprise level billing, customized user analytic reports, employee rollout and training services, and white-label services.

FreeConferenceCall.com was founded by David Erickson in 2001 and is based in Long Beach, California.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. A user icon Firedog171

    I use your service and am very happy with it. I received your invitation to set up a free screen sharing account and it also seemed terrific. My concern is that nowhere does the information I have read indicate exactly how you guys make revenues. I don’t get charged for services and I don’t have to put up with ads. I did see a reference to pricing models but that didn’t make sense if everything is free.

    If you are not generating revenues you are going to go broke and cease to exist so no point in my continuing to use the service. I also know that having over 1,000,000 customers will become very lucrative in any business model.

    I am a Chartered Accountant and have operated in the telecommunicatoions industry and the only avenue that I can think of for you to generate revenues is if you are re-billing the LD charges but I am not sure just how that works.

    Anyway, I would appreciate it you could please advise me exactly how you make money so I can feel comfortable that there are not going to be any massive changes coming in the future.

    Thank you

    1. A user icon Christopher

      Hi Firedog171,

      FreeConferenceCall.com has a multitude of paid services that we generate revenue with, such as, our toll-free and paid for conferencing and voice messaging services (SB and SV* PN) and by partnering with local exchange carriers. If you would like, you can always call our customer service line at 877.482.5838.

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