5 Must-Have Tools for Building Your Startup

By Swishh, Inc.

For the past 18 months, our team members have been working remotely, scattered around the world. We've built our app and managed our team using online products and services. It’s truly fascinating to compare the startup ecosystem of 20 years ago with today, in light of the abundance of online tools available now to entrepreneurs. These tools make building a company a much easier task than it was back in the day. Even more incredible? The affordability of these products and services — which are free, for the most part. Below, you’ll find our list of start-up tools and cost-friendly products and services, all used by Swishh, for Swishh, on a daily basis. We’ve benchmarked our absolute favorites.


This cloud-based communication platform makes collaborating with your team fun and effortless. Within Slack, you can divide conversations into different channels and share any type of document natively. Whether you’re talking about Marketing, Sales, PR or Product Development, you can easily reach out to your co-workers to assess the next best move.


This project management software created by a Facebook co-founder enables you to keep track of your team’s tasks and gauge progress. User friendly, it allows you to keep a tab on everything that’s being accomplished while offering excellent collaborative features.


This cool collaboration tool allows you to video chat and view five video feeds simultaneously. The multifeed is quite practical for face-to-face engagement with remote teams or online meetings with prospects. If you have a larger team, not to worry — this platform supports up to 1,000 participants at a time for free! FreeConferenceCall.com also has chat functionality and screen sharing for visual learners and working through complex tasks. Use it in your browser or download the FreeConferenceCall.com mobile app for video chatting on the go.

G Suite

Alright, this one is kind of a no-brainer. It’s so important to set up emails, a shared drive, and a business software suite in the early days of a company that we had to include the Google platform for business. G Suite covers it all, including purchasing a domain, setting up a website and managing ad campaigns. The G Suite of tools will make life easier in countless ways.


Mention was built in 2011 by a small European team. This tool enables you to handle brand monitoring, social listening and reputation management all in one platform. From blog posts and user reviews to PR references, Mention tracks the most important conversations about your brand and industry across the web.

As we expand, so will the array of platforms our team relies on. But we'll always keep this fact in mind: All the functionality, affordability, and great UX found in the tools listed here are key factors that enable any team to get the job done.

We hope you've found our list useful!

The Swishh team

The Swishh app allows you to share your contact information and all your favorite social media profiles including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc. in just 2 seconds, with the simple tap of a button. The way your information is transferred from one phone to another is where it gets interesting: Swishh uses an advanced ultrasonic sound wave technology to quickly transmit information through your smartphone’s speaker and microphone. Sharing your social profiles with Swishh is fun, give it a try 🙂

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