The 2017 Year in Review: Going Borderless at

This past year at, we have focused on evolving our brand so it more representative of how our customers use our services — and innovating based on newly-available technologies. It’s all about setting the stage for future success. To kick things off, we refreshed our mission statement to inspire our team and our users. We provide “a borderless platform that bridges countries and collaborators, creating a space where we can freely connect, share and innovate — without cost and without limits.”

Borderless Communication Tools

We’re continuing to establish ourselves as a global leader in audio and video conferencing with our trusted network. To remain best-in-class in 2017, we launched:

  • Video recording
  • Multi-feed video
  • Single sign-on with Facebook
  • Global language support
  • Telecom APIs

View our 2017 timeline here.

A 2017 infographic of company highlights

Global Launches & New Releases

The year was spent improving our services and growing our global footprint. To give international users a more streamlined experience, we launched our full-feature offering — including audio, video and screen sharing — in almost 10 new languages: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

Local dial-in numbers were made available for new users in Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Middle East with to the launch of in Singapore, Malawi, Tanzania, Algeria and Afghanistan.

And there’s more. We also began refreshing our mobile applications, rolled out telecom APIs with CarrierX and had a little fun designing custom meeting emojis. Finally, we created a whole new homepage, to be unveiled in the new year.

Consequently, we have experienced steady growth across all services. For example, video conferencing usage has nearly tripled on We earned multiple accolades in the Unified Communications space and major corporate brands signed with For Business™.

In the Press

We received a lot of nods in the press this year. Notably, we earned the “Highest Overall Usability” score and were named one of the “Top 5 Best Virtual Phone Systems for Professionals” by G2 Crowd. As we carved out our niche in the industry with mid-sized enterprises, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Southern Living and hundreds of blogs took notice. These mentions have helped strengthen our digital presence.

Also in 2017, we deepened our corporate culture of giving. Through a city-wide drive, we filled a tractor trailer with supplies for hurricane victims, and Los Angeles station KTLA came out to capture the passion and energy we bring to work.

Looking Ahead

You can ask any of our team members for confirmation: is not just a daily grind. That’s why we’re confident that we will continue to deliver our best-in-class borderless tools in 2018. We’ll bring more people together. And in that same spirit, we’ll connect with communities near and far through our charitable efforts.

From the whole team here at, thank you for being a valued customer. We can’t wait to connect, share and innovate with you in 2018!

PS: Keep an eye out for our new homepage, coming soon—and be sure to give our new features a try!

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