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Top Teleconferencing Features

Need an instant conference? Sign up for a free account and receive a dial-in number and access code for free and reliable teleconferencing services. Your free teleconferencing line can be used immediately and is available 24/7 — no reservations required. Host or join high-defintion audio teleconference calls with up to 1,000 participants.

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Get Global Access

Host or join free international teleconference calls within or between countries with local in-country dial-in numbers in over 65 countries and counting.

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Record and Playback

Easily record, share and play back meetings. All recordings and conference details are accessible from the History & Recordings page of your account. 1GB free storage included.

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Manage Teleconferences

Manage conferences through your account using a web interface. Or simply use phone keypad commands to mute, create breakout rooms, record and more.

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Why Teleconferencing?

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is just hop on a call. It's quick, straightforward and gets the job done. If you're looking for an easy way to communicate with people, teleconferencing with FreeConferenceCall is perfect.

Teleconference the Way You Want

Teleconference from a landline, mobile device or over an internet connection.

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Using a landline? Set up, dial in and manage conference calls with phone keypad commands.

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Download the mobile app for Android™ and iOS.

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Host or join a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) teleconference from the mobile app or desktop app.


What is teleconferencing?

Teleconferencing is the use of communication software to connect two people into one conference line. FreeConferenceCall offers free teleconferencing solutions with local dial-in numbers in over 80 countries.

Is teleconferencing free?

Yes. When you teleconference with FreeConferenceCall, you can do so at no costs. Normally, companies charge users to chat over their network, but the supports an network infrastructure that lets people in their community communicate for free.

Is there a limit to teleconferencing?

FreeConferenceCall accounts have access to limitless teleconferencing at any time. Instantly connect with people in other parts of the world using the dial-in code provided or by downloading the app for iPhone and Android.