What's the Best Hold Music Ever? It Depends on Who Is Listening

Portrait of smiling young african american woman listening to music on headphones outdoors on city street What’s the best hold music ever? At FreeConferenceCall.com, it definitely depends on who is doing the listening.

As Spin Magazine reported, if you’ve been waiting on a conference call anytime since 2004, chances are you’ve vibed to the “sweet, sweet sounds of New York Jazz Ensemble’s ‘Sunshine Soul.’”

Turns out, that debatably sublime one-minute loop has evoked a fierce “love it or hate it” response. To validate the detractors out there, there was even a Change.org petition entitled, “Please Change Your Awful Hold Music”.

Perhaps you’ve landed here, dear reader, because that "Da da da DAAA DAAA daaa d'daaaaa" rubs you, too, the wrong way. No need to suffer in vain: That’s the rationale behind our Custom Hold Music feature.

Need some good hold music suggestions? Start by envisioning the type of conference calls you plan to have and the type of participants you are trying to reach. A sales training might benefit from upbeat, uptempo music. Think Katy Perry’s “Roar”, for example. For customer service, consider soothing away irritation with classical music. Or let the music fit your brand — such as contemporary Christian music for a religious organization or prayer conferencing line.

Once the decision is made, just log in to your FreeConferenceCall.com account. To change the hold music from the default, scroll down and locate Custom Hold Music in Premium Features. Turn the ON/OFF switch to ON and click Upload to choose an audio file from your computer. Click Play to hear the file you uploaded. The service supports .mp3 and .wav file formats.

CEO and founder David Erickson confirmed that nearly 90 percent of users stick with the original tune. Are you part of the 10 percent, fighting against the mainstream? We’d love to hear (no pun intended) about your hold music of choice.

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