What is an Online Meeting?

Online meetings help team members collaborate using audio, video and screen sharing tools. At FreeConferenceCall.com, we offer all the resources you need to conduct a successful, professional online meeting with no hassle, and no cost to you or your attendees.

Start an Online Meeting

Now more than ever, companies are adopting online meetings for improving employee collaboration. Businesses use FreeConferenceCall.com to deliver news, training and webinars.

That’s because meetings take time and cost money. What’s more, if you have team members in other cities around the globe, it’s not cost-effective to fly or drive long distances for short conferences. In most cases, especially with bigger teams, online meetings are budget-friendly and highly productive.

What is an Online Meeting?

An online meeting is a conference taking place over an internet connection. Whereas meetings before the internet were only conducted in person, it’s become common practice among small businesses, large enterprises and independent individuals to reduce the cost and time investment needed to communicate efficiently by using video and audio conferencing.

Online meetings eliminate boundaries between teams and encourage seamless participation.

How to Host an Online Meeting

FreeConferenceCall.com makes it easy for you to conduct an online meeting. You can host an audio or video conference through your chrome browser or through our dedicated mobile or desktop app.

To start an online meeting after registering your account with FreeConferenceCall.com, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch the FreeConferenceCall.com desktop or mobile application, or visit our website using a Google Chrome browser.
  2. Invite attendees inside the app, sending access information to their e-mail or by copying and pasting the information.
  3. At the time of your meeting, call the Dial-in Number, enter your access code and enter your host pin. Attendees will be given similar instructions on how to join.
  4. On a computer or mobile smart phone, you can enable live video conferencing by clicking the video icon.

What do I need to Host an online meeting?

Getting started with an online meeting is easy. There are at least four things you’ll need to join or host an online meeting: a computer, tablet, or mobile device; a webcam or smartphone with a camera; a microphone or headset; and, access to a reliable internet.

With these tools, you can either dial into your secure audio-conferencing network using the steps listed above or access your video and audio conferences through the desktop or mobile app.

Advantages of Online Meetings

Anyone can host! Whether a project leader leading many team members or just someone looking to stay in contact with family in a different part of the world, we make it easy for you to start a video or audio conference absolutely free.

Here are just a few benefits of online meetings with FreeConferenceCall.com:

  • Eliminate distance-related boundaries
  • Reduce business travel costs
  • Bring team members closer together
  • Deliver announcements
  • Improve productivity
  • Stay Connected

Types of Online Meetings

Millions of people just like you are using the internet to stay connected with teams, employees, family and loved ones. FreeConferenceCall.com eliminates the restrictions between long-distance communication and delivers a secure, reliable network to keep in touch.

A few reasons to use FreeConferenceCall.com for an audio or video session include:

  • Traditional one-on-one business meetings
  • Group training sessions and webinars
  • Online video chat with family in another Country

FreeConferenceCall.com provides powerful collaboration tools at your fingertips, all for the low cost of nothing.

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