Announces the Launch of a Free Virtual Phone

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The highly anticipated Virtual Phone is finally here—if you’ve got a account, then you already have a phone line.

Our Virtual Phone application transforms any computer or smartphone into a VoIP telephone line, able to receive any number of calls for free. This handy communication tool comes with a handful of easy-to-use features to enhance the calling experience.

Standard accounts come with the ability to call other users on Users will also have access to voicemail, call recording and a US based phone number.

Who Should Have a Virtual Phone?

The Virtual Phone is the perfect companion for anyone who owns a business, travels frequently or needs a second phone number for private use.


Features such as the ability to receive unlimited inbound calls paired with owning a US-based phone number will bolster any businesses communication toolbox.

The Virtual Phone empowers a business to broaden their pool of candidates and hire the best employees. The Virtual Phone also enables businesses to ditch old office-room technology in favor of transforming any existing computer, laptop or smartphone into a second phone line.


The Virtual Phone can be a money-saving tactic that minimizes the costs for communication tools and makes it easy for anyone to mobilize their workforce without breaking the bank. This application offers startups an opportunity to scale their business no matter how quickly or how largely their business grows.

Having a dedicated phone line establishes a professional image and puts branding at the forefront of all communication. The Virtual Phone also separates business calls from personal calls, giving users a second phone line that can be given out to business contacts.


Having access to the Virtual Phone enables those who travel for work to take their business lines wherever they go. The Virtual Phone can receive calls using a US-based phone number and avoid issues that come with long-distance communication.

Travelers can leverage the Virtual phone to make or receive VoIP calls to others using the desktop or mobile app, turning any device into a reliable business phone line.

Private Use

The Virtual Phone is flexible enough to work with anyone.

Use the Virtual Phone to keep in contact with family in other countries without incurring long-distance charges, consolidate calls onto one desktop or mobile app and draw the line between a personal number and a professional line used for networking and business.

Virtual Phone Upgrades

The free version of the Virtual Phone comes with basic communication tools that get people connected at no cost.

Upgrades to the Virtual Phone boost its functionality and flexibility, replacing traditional phone lines with a robust communication application that can be used anywhere.

For just $9 per month, users get:

  • Outbound Calling, giving users a fully functional telephone line over VoIP.
  • Call Elevation, allowing users to graduate calls into video meetings.
  • Dedicated Voicemail which stores and streamlines voice messages from incoming calls.

SMS text messaging and call forwarding, as well as international calling plans, will be available soon.

For more information about the Virtual Phone or to receive your second phone line, sign up at

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