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The telecom industry has changed drastically over the last few decades — and particularly in the last 15 years, the way we conference has been disrupted. Calling long-distance toll numbers used to be more costly than toll-free, depending on the time of day or day of the week. Toll-free service was also seen as a professional courtesy because the host of the conference call picked up all the charges.

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Yet the way we work has changed dramatically, too. Remote work is trending up. In fact, with approximately 75 percent of companies worldwide promoting flexible working policies, a new global record has been hit — 1.3 billion mobile workers (TRI, 2015) and counting. This shift, concurrent with the advent of flat-fee, unlimited nationwide calling plans for mobile and landlines, has mainstreamed toll dial-in numbers for conference calls. On top of that, plenty of businesses now rely on IP telephony — and most VoIP providers include domestic long distance as part of their packages.

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Already sold on toll? Great, but remember that toll-free still has its advantages. An 800 conference call number can improve customer satisfaction and lend credibility to a growing business. And, of course, participants can join a call for free from anywhere in the country — their personal mobile, hotel landline or even a payphone (assuming, of course, they can find one).

So while it's no longer critical for a business to pick up the conference call bill, the toll-free option remains. By default, offers toll dial-in numbers with both free and paid accounts. We also feature toll-free conference lines as an add-on service for a per person, per minute charge. That means that users save, no matter what they choose. Get your own toll-free conference call account here.

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Our Customer Care team reports that businesses often opt to add a toll-free conference number, but distribute it only for specific types of calls or customers.

In short, given the low cost to access toll conference lines, toll-free has grown into a nice-to-have feature, but no longer is a necessary component of a conference call service.

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