Shhhh… FreeConferenceCall has a Secret

Did you know that some FreeConferenceCall accounts have a little secret? We have decided to let you in on it! Some FreeConferenceCall accounts have access to secret touch-tone commands.  Those secret touch-tone commands are listed below:Making a call


#00# Press this code to change the hold music to our Legacy Music, this is the hold music used in our advanced services like FreeConferenceCallHD and FreeConferencing.

#01# Turn off the hold music.

#02# Return to the Classic Hold Music.

Please note that the secret touch-tone commands do not apply to all accounts, only select ones.  To find out if your account is one of the lucky ones, simply test the commands on your account.

What if the secret commands do not work on your account and you would like to use them?

Contact our customer service representatives by phone or send us an email asking to change the dial-in number on your FreeConferenceCall account to a dial-in number that offers secret touch-tone commands. You may call 877-482-5838 (562-437-1411 if calling outside the US) or email to

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