Quick Guide: Customizing StartMeeting Audio Controls

Looking for more ways to customize your meeting experience? With StartMeeting, it's simple!

See our Quick Guide tips below for info on customizing your hold music, adjusting your default audio controls, and reducing static and noise during your meeting.

Change your hold music.
Although we personally believe our hold music is pretty groovy, variety is the spice of life. With StartMeeting, it's easy to customize your hold music for only $2.00 per month! To change your hold music, log on to your StartMeeting Account. On the Subscription tab, scroll down for Custom Hold Music option. Turn this option on to change your hold music settings.

Adjust Your Audio Settings.
Log on to your StartMeeting account to access your Meeting Wall. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Web Controls. From this screen, adjust your audio settings as you'd like.

Entry and exit tones will remain on until you choose to turn them off. For large meetings, turning off these tones can cut back on potential disruptions to your meeting as callers join or leave the conference call.

Reduce static and echoes on your call.
If you find your meeting line experiences static or echoes, it can be helpful to mute the audience to cut down on background noises during the call. If web conferencing, simply ask your participants to mute their lines if they are not speaking. If teleconferencing, press *5 to mute the audience. Audience members may un-mute themselves by pressing *6.

For more assistance, give us a call for toll-free customer support at 800-644-9070.

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