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In this increasingly digital world of remote engagement, it’s easy to feel isolated. Yet technology doesn’t always work against us. Reports show that more than 1 billion minutes of teleconferencing have been used for prayer lines over the past several years, the real impact of which has exceeded expectations.

According to long-standing customers, weekly teleconferencing is a critical “lifeline” for churchgoers unable to join a fellowship in person. Indeed, these tele-sermons and prayer calls have become a workaround for single parents, people with disabilities, elderly congregants and anyone who was previously kept away by the daily demands of life.

Now, the possibilities are endless and continue beyond broadcasting services and inspirational messages. Given the importance of prayer to worshipers, prayer ministries have also seized this opportunity to creatively link congregants. Whether facilitating emergency prayer sessions, special events or regular meetings, leadership has pinpointed HD audio conferencing as an effective way to capture the attention of active and inactive members. Since prayer lines can be accessed worldwide, overseas church members or missionaries in the field are free to use such technology and services to participate and feel a little closer to home., the most recognized HD audio conferencing brand in the world, is leading the effort to connect faith-based leaders and organizations with millions of followers around the globe. With free and unlimited HD audio conferencing services with up to 1,000 participants, coming to together in fellowship is possible like never before.

If your faith-based organization is ready to leverage teleconferencing, here are five tips to help you get started:

  1. Get the technology out of the way. To do that, select a reputable free conference call provider with proven quality and reliability. As you do your research, ensure that the provider can match your organization’s capacity needs. Then sign up for a new account to receive a phone number, access code and host PIN. It’s also crucial that the provider offers 24/7 Customer Care, so you can rest assured that call organizers will be supported through every event.
  2. Start small with structured calls. Work with a core group, such as the prayer team, to build a strong base that can become comfortable with the process. A meeting of any kind benefits from an agenda, so hash out the stages of the tele-sermon from opening to closing prayer. Core group members can ultimately become equipped to lead their own sessions, dividing up the responsibility and offering opportunities for personal growth.
  3. Share organization-wide with the start of a short-term project. It takes some time for people  to adjust to new ways of doing things and participating in a tele-sermon or prayer line is no exception. Try introducing the concept around an event or special project to spur engagement.
  4. Gather momentum to  long-term programs. Once congregants get their proverbial feet wet, launch a daily or weekly teleconference with the backing of leadership. Or keep the small groups going, but expand based on topics that appeal to targeted groups.
  5. Keep your team motivated! There may be times when participation doesn’t meet expectations. Develop strategies to keep your core group resilient in order to continuing making these calls to worship available to everyone.

While it may seem like nothing can replace gathering together in person, life too often gets in the way and our best efforts fall short. With teleconferencing, time and money are saved without sacrificing that all-important connection to other members of the faith. That’s why everyday, so many churches rely on services to conduct bible studies, set-up prayer lines, send messages to church members, record sermons and much more.

"Five years ago if you told me that literally thousands of hours of Christians praying together would be fueled by an amazing company called, I wouldn’t have believed it,” says David Butts Chairman, America's National Prayer Committee. “God doesn't need a phone to hear us; but, if we are going to pray together, the technology of becomes a gift from God to the prayer movement in America — and around the world.”

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