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FreeConferenceCall is perfect for telephone prayer. Prayer lines and church organizations frequently use our conferencing lines to gather people around the world in a simple and efficient manner.  This is perfect when prayer/church members who live a great distance from each other or when there simply isn’t time to drive out to a specific location.  FreeConferenceCall doesn’t only save users time but money by enabling them to interact over the telephone instead of traveling.

Below are just some of the benefits of using FreeConferenceCall line for prayer:

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  1. Once you register for a FreeConferenceCall account you will receive dedicated conferencing credentials.  A dedicated account means you will use the same credentials allowing you to schedule re-occurring calls.  Callers will know that the same conference number and access code will be used for every prayer meeting, which will give the leader/organizer a larger turnout.
  2. Prayers can be recorded.  Recording prayers will allow those who are unable to join the live prayer to listen at their own leisure.  Callers have the option of accessing prayers through their phone or through their computer.
  3. FreeConferenceCall also provides services like FreeConferencing which accommodates up to 1,000 callers! Everyone will have a seat for your prayer.

Hundreds of people are already using our conference lines for regular prayer.  Through the use of conference lines, organizers and Church leaders can reach out for new potential members and maintain their current attendees.

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