Magic Sauce, Airplanes and Shaun Neff’s Biggest Hiring Turn-Off: Gems from the Neff-Erickson Business Rockstars Roundtable on Hiring Employees

Want to get hired by a cutting-edge company? Business Rockstars© just got you an in with two major Southern California players, Shaun Neff of Neff Headwear and David Erickson of These founders/CEOs have both rocked their respective industries, and now they’re dishing out just what they look for in a new hire.

Shaun Neff, David Erickson, Pat O'Brian

Neff-Erickson Roundtable on Hiring Employees

Don’t miss Neff describe a free-flowing, Millennial-based corporate culture complete with surfing and Slurpee© machines or Erickson talk about giving employees the space to do their own thing. What do these innovators want in a future employee? Erickson wants somebody who is internally motivated, and Neff is looking for someone who can stay ahead of the trends. Here are a couple of our favorite interview gems:

Magic Sauce Ingredients

Neff had a quick reply to how he keeps employees focused: “Defined task.” Describing  the ingredients for success at Neff Headwear, he explains, “Letting [employees] know what they need to do and then giving them the ability to do it on their own, but providing tools and support along the way has been kind of a little magic sauce for us within the office.”

Work Plan or Catapult?

Erickson’s got pretty good aim, as it turns out. He didn’t realize how important his first business plan would turn out to be. As Erickson explains, “I was doing it because it was the way I could get an airplane up in the air, and it turned out to be an extremely disruptive model that kind of shook the whole industry.”

And oh yeah — let’s not forget Neff’s biggest hiring turn-off. While neither Neff nor Erickson are big resume guys, Neff needs to see a lasting work history. As Neff asserts, “I almost never hire anyone who has jumped around.” So if you long to work in flipflops, frozen drink in hand, don’t flit from workplace to workplace.

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