International Domination Continued: Honduras has Arrived!

Earlier this week we announced the arrival of Cyprus to FreeConferenceCall International.  Today we officially welcome Honduras to our international service!

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Don’t know much of Honduras?  Take a look below and read the fun facts we gathered about Honduras.

  • The Honduran flag contains 5 starts, each is a representation of the 5 Central American countries and the central star represents the Honduras as it is the only one that touches all of them
  • One of the world’s oldest clocks is in Comayagua
  • To this day here are numerous Mayan ruins in the Honduran city of Copan. These ruins date back to over 1000 BC.
  • Honduras is also known as the Banana Republic.  The name basically stuck to the country because it grows and exports a large amount of bananas
A monkey wakling in front of a pyramid(Mayan ruins in the Honduran city of Copan)

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Return next week and see how we have been doing with our Trade-Shows!

(Image Source: travel.nationalgeographic)

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