How Web Conferencing Can Benefit Your Business

If you're new to web conferencing, you'll find that there are plenty of benefits to hosting regular web meetings: it's cost effective, saves time, and can help you extend your business to remote clients. Below, we share five great reasons for making the switch to our convenient StartMeeting web conferencing product.

1.  Save money with less travel and more talk!
The New York Times estimated that businesses in the United States would spend approximately $273.3 billion on corporate travel expenses. Imagine expanding your business across borders without busting your travel budget. Our international web conferencing services make it easy to connect with remote clients, partners, and team members on the same call.

2.  Screen sharing makes it easy to review meeting materials.
Web conferencing makes it simple to share meeting materials with screen sharing features. During your web conference, simply choose which items you'd like to share. Whether it's your desktop, open files, or open web browsers, you'll can share your screen with all your meeting participants.

3.  Save important conversations with recorded meetings.
Perhaps you've got a team member that can't make a meeting, but nevertheless needs to be up to speed. No problem! Recorded meetings ensure your employees never miss a beat. This function allows you to not only record the audio of a meeting, you can also record the screen sharing portion of a meeting, making it perfect for client meetings, as well. Just turn on your recording function, enjoy your conversation, and revisit it at your convenience.

4.  Great for a variety of uses.
Web conferencing is not only great for regular meetings and brainstorming sessions with your business partners and employees, it's also great for training sessions, product demos, and client presentations.

5.  Simple web controls make it easy to customize your meeting experience.
Start recording a call, place a call on hold, mute your microphone, or customize your audio controls with convenient web controls. All you need to do is log in to your account to adjust your settings and start conferencing.


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