How to Use the *9 Touch Tone Command: Record Conference

The *(star) 9 touch tone command allows hosts to record conference calls that can be accessed anytime the following ways:

  1. Playback number
  2. Podcast/RSS feed
  3. MP3/WAV Download
  4. Listen online

Why is this important? Recording your conference calls is FREE and simple to do. If you are hosting a training seminar, crisis response meeting, having a deposition, etc. the recording feature can be used to archive the conference call, allowing others who couldn't join to access it at another time.

Instructions on How to Use *9

  • Step 1 Dial into your FreeConferenceCall conference number and input the access code followed by the * (star) key
  • Step 2 Press *9 at anytime during the call and the automated system will ask you to input your subscriber PIN code (located on the account confirmation email you received upon registration)
  • Step 3 Enter your subscriber PIN code. Once validated, the automated system will play, "this conference call is now being recorded" to all callers on the line
  • Step 4 To stop and save the recording, press the *9 touch tone command again at the completion of the call

Visit our YouTube channel to watch the video tutorial.

Check back later this month to learn how to download your recordings. We will continue to discuss the remaining five touch tone commands. To learn more, visit our support page.

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