Recorded a Conference Call? Play it back with your playback number

Each FreeConferenceCall account now archives your recorded conference calls. When you make a recording, we assign a reference number to it. Your callers use that reference number when listening to that recording when calling the playback number.

To have callers listen to your recorded conference calls using the playback number (provided upon registration and My Account tab), provide them the following information:

  • Playback Number for the country your caller(s) will be dialing into
  • Participant Access Code
  • Reference Number for the recording you would like them to listen to (provided on the Call Detail Report after each call or the recordings page in your online account)

Callers then dial the playback number, when prompted they enter the access code and then the system will ask for the reference number.

Did you know you can set Recordings to Private?

We have also added a security feature allowing hosts to make recordings private. From the recordings tab (via your online account) check the box in the Private column for each recording you wish to make private and create a numeric password. If you set a recording to private and you would like your callers to listen to that recording, make sure to provide them with the password.

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