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Dave Erickson Interviews Karen Taylor and Holland Brown of Ground Education.

As part of our mission of providing free communication tools to communities in need, we’ve had the pleasure to work with Ground Education, an incredible nonprofit organization dedicated to providing grass-roots education to thousands of students in the Long Beach area.

Ground Education specializes in offering monthly lessons using outdoor gardens to enrich the lives of kids and offer real-life experiences in gardening, science and sustainability.

Our CEO, David Erickson, was fortunate to interview the co-founders of Ground Education, Holland Brown and Karen Taylor, to talk about what they’ve been up to and how has helped them accomplish even more with limited resources.

“There's no doubt that your generous heart and understanding of our vision [helped] us rebuild several gardens in a part of Long Beach where those green spaces need to get back in the hands of kids,” said Karen Taylor. “They have been life-giving to those communities and to those schools.”

Who is Ground Education?

Ground Education is an award-winning outdoor learning non-profit based in Long Beach, CA. Their organization is responsible for managing learning programs in 11 schools as well as the Boys & Girls Club of Long Beach, reaching nearly 5,000 students.

Their hands-on curriculum is a pleasure for children, giving students a change from typical in-class curriculums. Their TK-8 curriculum is designed to enhance what students learn inside the classroom in a manner that’s interactive and engaging.

How Supports Its Communities

As part of our mission, we provided a wealth of assistance to Ground Education’s growing nonprofit. In addition to giving Ground Education high-quality communication tools to keep in touch with students from a safe environment, we’ve offered a hand in rebuilding many of the gardens the students work with today.

“We have experienced firsthand how much builds community, with your staff and families getting involved in our community workdays and really spearheading [projects] to either build new gardens or rehabilitate ones that we're getting ready to work with,” said Holland Brown. “You guys have been giving your energy to the greater Long Beach community. When your community of conference call users pays it forward, we can say that you guys do as well. We've been the absolute beneficiaries of that. Thank you.”

For more amazing stories from our community, visit our website. To learn more about Ground Education, visit their website at

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