The Future Is Now: Erickson Talks IoT, UC&C and Integration at Telecom Exchange

TEX NYC 2017 - CEO and CarrierX founder and CEO, Dave Erickson, joined a panel of other key CEOs at the Telecom Exchange New York’s CEO Roundtable. The panel tackled myths and realities surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT).

Not sure what IoT actually means?

It’s the concept of connecting everyday electronic objects and devices with the internet for the purpose of collecting, exchanging, processing and potentially acting on data.

In other words, IoT encompasses everything from smart toasters to mobile phones to your new Amazon Echo. And it has transformed, and continues to transform, how we do business — including how we approach Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C).

As Andrew Nilssen of Wainhouse Research notes, “As IoT devices and sensors proliferate, they are becoming potential trigger points” for real-time collaboration (RTC) sessions. That means integration partnerships are more important than ever.

What do these integration partnerships look like?

Take the CarrierX API. It was recently integrated by VictorOps, a real-time incident management platform, to provide the capacity for users to quickly navigate into group discussion. According to VictorOps co-founder and COO Bryce Ambraziunas, “Integrating Control Call to our platform was a game changer for our customers.”

As Nilssen urges, “Keep your eyes open for interesting devices, applications, and the middleware (cloudware?) needed to implement an effective workflow - hopefully without being a programmer. With the right tools and devices in place, the possibilities are infinite.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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