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One of the added benefits to having a FreeConferencing account is the ability to control Conference Preferences.  This feature allows you to change standard conference function, such as; entry and exit tones to be on or off when participants join the conference call, disconnect participants if the host is not present, and the caller count feature can be turned on or off. Keep in mind that Conference Preferences may not be set during a live conference call. Please login before your conference call begins and go to the Conference Preferences tab, set your preferred preferences and click Save. Below is all available preferences and explanations of each one:

  1. Entry & Exit Tones - Turn Entry and Exit chimes on/off when participants join or disconnect from the conference call.
  2. Wait for Host - Place participants on hold for a preset time before host joins the conference call. If host does not join the conference call, participants will be disconnected after the preset time expires.
  3. Continue without Host - Set to have the conference continue when host disconnect from the conference line or to continue for a preset time after host disconnects from the conference. After the set time expires, all participants will be dropped.
  4. Announce Caller Count & In-Call Caller Count Set to notify joining Hosts or Participants of how many callers are on the conference call. The *2 feature which lists the total number of caller(s) on the conference call can be set to on/off.
  5. Participant see all attendees  During a Screen Sharing session, disable participants from viewing the attendees list on the meeting console,.
  6. Participant see Active Speakers  During a Screen Sharing session, disable participant from viewing active speakers on the meeting console.
  7. Presenter transfer by participants - During a Screen Sharing session allow a participant to transfer presenter to other participants.

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