Showing Gratitude to Our Community

Recently I sent out an email to thank our wonderful community. I wanted to say thank you for helping us provide free communications to people around the world. I also wanted to share some stories that had been shared with us. Stories from people who used our tools to stay connected with friends and family during this pandemic. Stories from non-profits who are focused on creating lasting changes in their communities. And stories from churches around the world who have continued to gather in fellowship because of the free audio and video conferencing we are only able to provide because of you, our incredible community of users.

In this email I also asked people to share their stories with us. I was overwhelmed. The stories were beyond powerful. In particular, many stories were shared about the transformative moment we as a country, and, hopefully as a world, are experiencing. Here is one such story:

“I am quite active in our community. I worked recently to head up the organization of a rally for Black Lives Matter using to hold planning calls right up to the morning of the event. I don’t think I could have done it without you.”

To this user and the many who wrote in with similar stories, thank you. I clearly don’t know the answers for where our country will go from here - what I do think is that open channels to communicate, connect, educate, and share are all the more important now. The societal discussions currently taking place will reshape our world. This is a time for many of us to learn; to hear the voices of those who have not always been heard; to connect, collaborate, and share.

To everyone who uses our platform to help communities, to help those in need, to change the world, I cannot say thank you enough.


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