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Presentation software can take an online meeting or conference call from ordinary to outstanding. Its benefits are undeniable: From easier communication to streamlined video conferences, presentation software has proven value.

Best of all,’s presentation software is simple, easy to use and completely free.

Let’s take a look at some of the many applications of presentation software.

Why Presentation Software?

Simply put, presentation software is a type of software that combines multimedia files such as audio, video, text and graphics into one slideshow. That slideshow can then be used to accompany any sort of speech, meeting or demo, among other things.

Presentation software can help presenters:

  • Engage the audience.
  • Effectively communicate complex ideas.
  • Make visual demonstrations.
  • Provide the audience with clear examples.
  • Display charts and graphs.

Because of this, many different types of businesses and organizations rely on presentation software for a variety of uses. Let’s look at some examples of how different organizations use this type of software.

Churches and Places of Worship Presentations

Many churches and places of worship use presentation software to add both beautiful and practical visual elements to their sermons, including:

  • Hymn lyrics.
  • Sermon notes.
  • Religious illustrations and animations.
  • Scripture quotes.

Education Presentations

Schools, universities and other educational settings can reap a wealth of benefits from presentation software. Presentation software can be used to accompany and complement:

  • Parent-teacher association (PTA) meetings.
  • Parent-teacher conferences.
  • School assemblies.
  • Online or in-person lectures and classes.
  • Exam review sessions.

Teachers, professors and other members of the faculty can incorporate elements such as:

  • Progress charts.
  • Grade summaries.
  • Photos of students.
  • Photos and audio files related to the subject of the lesson.
  • Exam hints.
  • Fun facts.

Sales and Business Presentations

Of course, sales organizations and businesses stand to benefit greatly from the use of presentation software.

It can be used to enhance:

  • Proposals.
  • Budget meetings.
  • Product demonstrations.

Meeting leaders and assistants can easily display information such as:

  • Productivity statistics.
  • Revenue data.
  • Sales numbers.

Training Presentations

In almost any type of business or organization, presentation software can be used to train employees, members and students.

For instance, managers, directors, supervisors and others can incorporate components like:

  • Tutorial videos.
  • Step-by-step checklists.
  • Safety reminders.
  • Photographic examples.
  • Illustrations of potential scenarios. The Only 100% Free Presentation Software

With presentation software, anyone from business managers to clergy members can take their presentations to the next level. Plus, with’s 100 percent free presentation software, it won’t cost a dime.’s desktop and screen-sharing features allow you to easily display:

  • Slides.
  • Websites.
  • Audio and video files.
  • Word documents.
  • PDF documents.

Our built-in recording and playback features make it easy to save presentations for later viewing, while our optional transcription services can provide a word-for-word copy of your presentation.

Plus, our high-definition audio and video conferencing ensure that your message will get through loud and clear, whether attendees are in the same room or another country.

Learn more about’s presentation software and how it can help your business or organization.

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